Often It's the Opposite Pt. 1
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Parolier : Steve Franks
Interprète(s) : Woodrow Strode
Often It's the Opposite Pt. 1 est une chanson de l'épisode Psych: The Musical. Elle est interprétée par Woodrow Strode et est suivie par Often It's the Opposite Pt. 2.


Woody :
It’s the opposite
Of what you might expect
Try to think too logical
You’re usually incorrect

Trust your wife has ever joined
A dark religious sect

The opposite of that
The opposite of that

[speaking] I’m divorced.

Juliet :
[speaking] Stop hitting on the prisoner.

Lassiter :
[singing] He was threatened

Woody :

Lassiter :
He was frightened

Woody :

Juliet :
You don’t think he ran up there
Because he’d been attacked

Woody :
Try to be irrational
You’ll free your head from pains
Inanity is sanity
When dealing with remains

Think your wife was not with
White Sox slugger Harold Baines
It’s the opposite of that
He even left behind his bat


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