Jamaican Inspector
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Parolier : Steve Franks
Interprète(s) : Burton Guster
Jamaican Inspector est la chanson finale de l'épisode Psych: The Musical. Elle est interprétée par Burton Guster.


Warning bells ring out across the ocean
Down to Montego Bay
Don't worry, all is well, you English jezebels
Help is on the way

Jamaican Inspector Man
Straight from Kingston to Londontown
We all gon' party like it's 1888
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Jamaican inspectorman
Getting irie in Scotland Yard
You need a Rasta man to help the magistrate
See me I say

Me no like this nonsense me hearin'
People slashed from necklace to earrin'
Ripper, leave them prostitutes alone

Jamaican inspectorman

Ripper, stop it. Me not gon' tell you again!


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